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Burgundy Gold

Microencapsulation Services

Microencapsulation Technology Development

Burgundy Gold have a wide ranging experience in the development of microencapsulation solutions for a equally wide range of technology sectors including, food, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household products, tobacco and textiles.

With extensive contact in this worldwide microencapsulation industry whatever your needs Burgundy Gold can help with:

  • New microencapulation concept development
  • Existing commercial solutions/technology finder
  • Project management - from concept to market

Many companies offer microencapsulation systems, however they will often push their proprietary technologies rather than the technology which would be correct for your application. Let me help and source the technology that fits your needs.

So contact Dr Gordon Nelson TEL: +44 (0)1928787179 or Mobile +44 (0)7966341814, email: gnelson@burgundygold.com now.

Montage of Microcapsules

Microencapsulation is a process by which very tiny droplets or particles of liquid or solid material are surrounded or coated within a continuous film of polymeric material. The microcapsules produced (typically within the 1-200microns in diameter range) can, depending on the core material (payload), be irregular in shape, simple spheres, multi-walled or contain multi-droplets.  In some cases a matrix particle can be formed whereby tiny droplets or particles become embedded within the hardened droplets of a polymeric material.

Microencapsulation Shapes

So why use microencapsulation:

  • To convert liquids or dispersion to solids
  • Separate reactive compounds
  • Provide environmental protection
  • Reduce volatility
  • Reduce flammability
  • Reduce toxicity
  • Improve material handling
  • Slow or controlled release of active ingredients
  • Targeted release
  • Improve storage stability
  • Mask taste or odours
  • Stabilise emulsions and dispersions
  • Provide micro-reactors

The range of commercial techniques fall into five distinct catagories:

  • Spray coating methods
  • Wall deposition from solution
  • Interfacial reactions
  • Physical processes
  • Matrix solidification

History of Microencapsulation

The process of microencapsulation began over 60 ago when Barret Green of the National Cash register company (NCR) was aksed to develop a product that would give multiple paper copies without the need for carbon-paper. He turned his attention to a process called coacervation and he was able to develop a solid gelatin sphere with an il-phase as core with colourless dye base dissolved. When the capsule was burst on striking of a type writer key of by a pen nib the dye was released onto a paper containing an acidic clay. The dye then bacame visible.

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